23 July 2015

Agnieszka Krawcyzk's Pretty Pastel Shelves

Today I'm sharing the final project from my wonderful Painter in Residence, Agnieszka Krawczyk. For this project, Agnieszka chose soft, pastel colours from the Chalk Paint® palette to create a delicate and romantic, vintage look.

She began by using one of my Pure Bristle Brushes to paint the whole piece in Paris Grey, and once this was dry, she applied a layer of French Linen. Agnieszka removed areas of paint using sandpaper and a scraper, revealing the paint and wood below. 

To create contrast and depth, Agnieszka left the inside of the piece predominantly in French Linen, but continued to work on the exterior surface – applying a coat of Old White, distressing again with sandpaper, and finishing with a top layer of Antoinette. Agnieszka chipped and sanded in to the edges and corners of the piece even further, revealing the built up layers of paint. She completed the piece with a coat of Clear Soft Wax and a dash of Dark Soft Wax to bring out the texture. The result is a truly vintage look.

I hope you've all enjoyed Agnieszka's work as much as I have and have been inspired to get your sandpaper and scrapers out... and start distressing!

Yours, Annie

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18 July 2015

Karen Donnelly's Riverscape

For her third Painters in Residence project, Karen Donnelly used my paint, Chalk Paint®, to update this plain cabinet with an elegant riverscape depicting sailboats on her local river.

Karen is an artist who normally works in oils and watercolours. She'd known about my paint for some time through her sister (one of my Stockists in the USA), before experimenting with using my paint in a similar manner to other artists' paints – and the results are beautiful. I knew that Karen's paintings would look brilliant painted directly on to pieces of furniture, and asked her to do this, with my paint, as a Painter in Residence.

For this project, Karen took a modern piece of furniture with simple lines and shapes – a piece that lent itself well to being painted in this manner as it wouldn't detract from the landscape. Karen painted the whole cabinet thickly in Duck Egg Blue to create the background colour and texture, before painting the riverscape using a simple palette of Old White, Napoleonic Blue, Antibes Green, Olive and Arles. She then finished with a light coat of Clear Soft Wax all over.

Have you tried using Chalk Paint® to paint a landscape?

Yours, Annie

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16 July 2015

Paint it, love it, share it...

I love nothing more than seeing your painted projects and finding out what products, colours and techniques you've all been using. For a while now, I've been looking for a way of bringing together the most creative, unique and individual painted projects that you have been creating using my products.

Take a look at the video below of how crafty creator Allison, modern mama Kat, and first homemakers Libby and Dave have all used Chalk Paint® decorative paint and other Annie Sloan products to make something their own. Feeling inspired? Then why not start your own project!

For your opportunity to win £100s of Annie Sloan products, including a hand-drawn illustration (by me!) of your winning project*, get creative and share your Annie Sloan inspired masterpiece in my new Made It My Own with Annie Sloan gallery.

What will you create? I can't wait to see what you'll come up with!

Yours, Annie

*18+. T&Cs apply. See www.AnnieSloan.com/mimo for more information

7 July 2015

Agnieszka Krawczyk's Blue Sea Trunk

For Agnieszka Krawczyk's fourth Painters in Residence project she used my paint, Chalk Paint®, and her signature layering technique on this old wooden sea trunk.

Agnieszka used one of my Pure Bristle brushes to paint thick, textured layers of Provence, Duck Egg Blue, Greek Blue, Old White and Pure on the outside of the chest. She applied some of the colours directly from the tin, and mixed others together to create lighter shades. Then she used a scraper, putty knife and sandpaper to chip and scrape away at the painted surface. Agnieska always distresses her paint work manually, and never uses an electric sander – this gives her a lot more control and creates a less uniform finish.

Agnieszka painted the inside of the chest in Provence, and then finished the piece by applying my Clear Soft Wax to protect the finish.

What do you think? Have you ever used my paint to update a wooden trunk like this?

Yours, Annie

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25 June 2015

#AnnieSloanLate 2

On Friday 19th June, Annie Sloan Stockists across the world opened their shops after hours and hosted special events to raise money for charity, as part of the global event #AnnieSloanLate! 

#AnnieSloanLate was a night (and in some cases a day) to celebrate and support local businesses. Communities worked together and got together to run demos, hold markets, auction off furniture, host tea parties, serve food, drink Pimms, eat cake and raise money for charity.

In the UK many Stockists raised money for the NSPCC – a brilliant charity who are working to stop cruelty to children. The Ministry of Upholstery, one of my Stockists in Manchester, UK, raised over £1200 for the NSPCC which will go a very long way! My Stockists across other parts of the world supported their own chosen charities, that sat close to their hearts. 

I'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone who took part in the second #AnnieSloanLate event, especially the Stockists who worked so hard to host such fantastic events. Last year we raised a whopping £10,000 for the NSPCC, let's hope we've reached that target again!

Search the hashtag #AnnieSloanLate on FacebookInstagram and Twitter to see photographs from the events. 

20 June 2015

Annie Sloan Wall Paint & Modern Art Oxford

I am a big fan of Modern Art Oxford  (known for short as MAO). It’s a fantastic space and showcase for contemporary art—and it’s free!

Show and tell
Already this year I’ve been bowled over by Love is Enough* in which artist-curator Jeremy Deller interweaves the life stories, art, and printmaking of American pop art icon Andy Warhol with British Arts & Crafts mover and shaker William Morris (below). 


I went in thinking ‘it’s ridiculous you can’t compare these two artists’, but I came out inspired by the revealing relationships and strange connections of these two prolific and experimental visionaries. I’ve always thought the role of art is to make to you see life in another way and this is what this exhibition—and MAO achieves—time and again.

And yours truly has also been featured here as an artist (back in 1971), as part of an exhibition where I showed a piece of conceptual art after I left university. I can just about recall my piece featuring plastic pigeons placed all around the exhibition space—can’t remember what it was about though I remember feeling very pleased to be involved with such a cutting-edge establishment that champions innovative and ambitious projects!

The perfect paint backdrop
So imagine my delight as I now return full circle to have my paints featured as part of the fabric of this wonderful art gallery. Yes, MAO have chosen my soon-to-be-launched Annie Sloan Wall Paint to grace its interior spaces.

They’ve gone initially for Paris Grey and Graphite, and will be working with other colours for future exhibitions. This is just the beginning and I am thrilled that MAO has chosen to use my paint because it’s local (I am passionate about supporting local businesses), I have had a long association with the place, and it is an exceptional art gallery. As an artist, I can’t recommend it highly enough if you are visiting our unique city.

Wall to Wall Paint
And my new Wall Paint? Well, it’s incredibly strong: it's durable, washable and scrubbable. I designed it to take the hurly burly of home life—in what modern parlance would call 'high traffic areas' (so the museum is a perfect medium!). It’s ideal for kitchen walls, bathrooms, halls and stairways where my decorative paint, Chalk Paint®, perhaps might not hold up as well with kids knocking things around and where you have to re-clean surfaces time and again because of the wear and tear of family life. 

Like Chalk Paint®, it is a water-based paint and it covers really well. I have made sure my new Wall Paint is rich in quality pigments so you get extensive coverage—as well as a lush depth of colour—with every brushstroke. It’s quick-drying too and has a soft matt finish with a hint of sheen. No prep, no splatter, no fuss.

My new paint is tailor-made for my free and expressive approach to painting: you can brush it on as easily as roll it on to achieve a high-quality finish on walls and ceilings. And now, with MAO’s endorsement, I really feel I’m coming back full circle.

Yours, Annie

* The show is now at Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery till 6 September.
** My Wall Paint will be available this summer through Annie Sloan Stockists in Europe.